Internal Audio
Music is to the soul what water is to the body.


MD combines vision and experience to lead the market in internal audio and visual marketing for businesses. With over 25 years experience MD's approach has created opportunities for our customers businesses and are enjoyed by our customers customers'.

Our belief is that trading is an opportunists business wherein people buy and sell anything that can turn them a quick profit. Marketing on the other hand is like raising a family, one identifies a product and introduces it into the market and works hard for the success of that product. MD's approach is exactly that "we help you raise your family of customers" and we individualise you in the process. That's your point of difference.

We understand that we operate in a epoch where time is becoming more and more saturated, the demand for convenience is paramount with increased busy lifestyle. ong>We turn this to your advantage!  We establish your product in a non invasive manner; so that you may start to enjoy a long term profitable business.

We offer you the opportunity to deliver your message in a non invasive and non pushy manner. From as early on as when your current or potential customer is on call holding to when they are in one of your branches/hotels/stores/bars/restaurants through a medium which is comfortable and familiar to them and you. Music; it is a direct line to your customers.  


The music chosen along with specifically tailored voice over messages helps define, deliver and enhance your brand image, services and optional extras. Through the audio we provide, we give you the opportunity to cross promote blended seamlessly into the music.

Used correctly this is a very powerful non invasive sales tool.

Our customised audio encourages your customers to stay longer, and creates a compliant atmosphere for when your customers here your tailored message. As you sow so shall you reap.

Ensuring a pleasurable sensory experience creates a favorable experience of your establishment. This in turn leads to repeat business, increased sales and more importantly customer loyalty to your brand and the sharing of their experience with others. Such a range carries with it an important message, that "not only are you interested in their business but their comfort as well".

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Some Examples


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