Equipment Installation
We don't make mountains out of molehills just to sell climbing equipment.


MD provides fully integrated sound system installations for both commercial and non commercial applications. Each of our systems are individually designed according to the project to produce the optimal sound reproduction for your Hotel, Bar, Restaurant, Store etc. We provide a full turnkey solution to your project from design, supply, installation to operation.

Our objective is that you sound as professional as you look. Our background affords us the experience and foresight to successfully meet this objective within project deadlines. At our core is to provide your business with the best sound diffusion, whilst keeping the look professional and if necessary to merge with the landscape.   


MD supplies and installs full sound system equipment. We provide equipment for bars, hotels, restaurants, private villas, stores, airports. We offer a centralised control room that reduces the amount of third party interference in turn increasing the life expectancy of your equipment while maintaining a good resale value on your equipment. With remote control panels positioned in key locations around the zone allows your staff to control levels without having to access the control room.

The MD Juke Box series allows you to provide different zones with different music genres simultaneously all from one control unit. A simple example of this is a Hotel that consists of several zones (Lobby, Main Restaurant, Bar, Pool) each of these zones plays a different genre of music to the other. The MD Juke Box Series handles this successfully and without the opulent costs normally associated with remedying this common obstacle. The application can be extended to Night Clubs, Multi Roomed Bars, Villas etc. No project is too big.

With our Sound Design Team we offer impartial advice on your installation and equipment requirements. Our sound engineer will design your system, and our acoustics engineer, with a background in Aeronautical Engineering, will offer you advice on design, installation, in terms of optimal sound reproduction.

No project is the same. Each project offers new challenges and awards new experiences. This is why we tailor our designs to suit each project.

We have installed stand alone audio systems, from the small to the large, to integrated sound and visual systems. We have installed in Hotels, Villas, Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Restaurants, Bars to large corporations.

Each of our designs are discreet and calculated to fit with the theme of the environment. Contemporary or Classic it is all possible.

Our team is experienced in installations within finished and fully decorated environments without causing damage and without causing interference to your guests. We have years of experience in doing so.