Digital Media Brochure
The challenge is can you capture an audience members attention and hold it in an environment where not only is the delivery system small but the time frame is short? Every single frame matters. There is no excess.


MD Publishing provides a corporate video, multimedia presentation, flash animation and web production services.

Video brochures are an innovative and dynamic marketing tool taking advantage of the latest digital communications technology. It can be emailed directly to your inbox who will within 10 to 15 minutes get a dynamic and attractive overview of your brand. It can be used as a presentation medium of who you are, where you are at during conferences and exhibitions.....Its your point of difference....Your edge.

Video produces a higher response rate compared to other forms of advertising. Industry studies have shown that:

  • that video expedites buying decisions by up to 72%
  • video boosts comprehension and retention by 50% over a live presentation
  • 6 times as many people prefer video to printed information
  • 97% of videos will be viewed by its recipients 

Video tells the story the way you want it, time and time again, with sight, sound and emotion. Its also relatively easy to reedit into different languages if you are planning on targeting overseas markets.


Our aim is to help you, our corporate client, to communicate more effectively, more impressively. This is our strength. This is your advantage.

We produce much more than a corporate DVD, graphics sales presentation, training video or a few high quality web pages for your company.

We organise your information, supplying the marketing tools and your business intelligence you need to make your production an outright winner.

Working together, we help you discover powerful new ways to communicate to your audience, making them more aware of you, influencing them, and motivating them to change.

We offer a comprehensive B2B and B2C marketing tool designed to beat the competition and dominate your business sector.


We offer an unbiased creative approach and deliver a final product ranging from animated captions right through to special effects

  • hi-tech animated caption video complete with a custom music score.
  • talking head customer testimonial
  • an absorbing edu-training documentary
  • marketing promotion
  • 3D animated compositing led production. 

We deliver the marketing DVD that best suits your market place.


We consistently deliver the best scripts. Its our job.

The script is the engine which drives your promotional video, its what gives dimension to your business. Its the hook.

We don't stop until we have the most persuasive marketing script you have ever read.

To achieve this goal you are very much integrated into the script writing process. Your vision and the vision of your directors are pulled together to produce a slick final result. We are good at bringing out the best in you and unlocking that perfect script in your mind.

Its an enjoyable process, a happy one.

The challenge for us is to capture an audiences attention in 30 seconds, and hold it in an environment where not only is the delivery system small, but the time frame is short. Every single frame matters. There is no excess.